Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girls, need a secret for those long runs?

Add a mixture of candy corn & peanuts in your sports bra pouch and you will be revived! :-) Some runners may disagree, but I'm not a big "gu-shot" fan (from a personal experience while running my 1st Marathon). While in Tally this weekend, my typical pre-run protein bar and bottle of Figi weren't handy, so I snagged my "travelling treats" (yes - this snack tends to replace my meals when traveling - I know BAD BAD BAD) off the counter and took off. After mile 3 and again after 5, I popped a few and it really helped keep my energy up.....try it! Can you tell, I "think" a lot while running? I was thinking the entire time; I've got to tell my girlfriends about this!!!

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