Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March is slipping away!

Hello Ladies! I was hoping to move our night out to April. March has slipped away and with Easter and Spring Break around the corner, I thought that would be best for everyone. Some of you wanted to go out on a Friday. How does Friday, April 18th sound for everyone?

I met with Foster @ Farris & Fosters today about an event and this place is incredible. You will all love it! I've priced out the evening below. Please let me know ASAP if 4.18.08 is a good day. I know we won't be able to have everyone there, but I hope the majority of you are able to make it. If we find this date isn't good for the majority of the girls, we can obviously change it. Just let me know!

7:00pm, Farris & Fosters, Friday, April 18th
  • $20 per person (10+) or $22 per person (less than 10 people)
  • Everyone gets 1lb of chocolate to take home
  • Bring one hors d'oeuvre to share
  • Bring your beverage of choice for yourself (alchohol IS permitted) :-) Vintner's Wine Cellar has wine that pair with these chocolates!!!
  • Casual attire

To *spice* things up a bit, we are going to talk about "what we do in a week". When I think about everything I do and accomplish in 7 days, it blows my mind! I want everyone to share how they "manage" it all! Sometimes, I think I'm going CRAZY!! :-)

Love you all! :-)