Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Favorites for the Ladies!

Some of you may ask how in the world, I, Angela Newell have time to watch TV..... my secret? TiVo! :-) Luckily, my little one is in bed by 8pm, so my evenings are full of work emailing, updating my blog, reading books and watching TV! :-) TiVo saves me during frequent water and email breaks. Here's some favorites....and no, I didn't leave Desparate Housewives off by accident - I'm just not a fan :-)

  • 90210 (started last week) - Tuesdays 8pm

  • Grey's - September 25th, 9pm

  • Private Practice - October 1st, 9pm

  • The Hills (a little "young" for us, but it's still entertaining!) - Mondays 10pm

  • Dirty Sexy Money - October 1st, 10pm

  • Brothers & Sisters - September 28th, 10pm

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